Whazzit Weyrd Information

Mindspeak List

Ailoa - communicate with canine noises (barks, yips, whimpers, etc.), body language and thought-speech. Their grammar isn't very good and they don't have an extensive vocabulary, except for Ainus. However, Ailoa will rarely give any insight to what they are thinking and prefer to leave people guessing, even their bonded. Instead they mention trivial things or anything they observe, pleased to just talk about nothing.

Alunas - Do not speak any language, save the phrase "Alunas. We are Alunas." which is ingrained into them at birth. They do not send images or share feelings, but they are prone to the chattering, squeaking noises of small rodents.

- Highly intelligent, they are able to mindspeak well or better than most shinies, to convey moving images, and use better grammar than some humans! Occasionally they can pick up a slightly (or not so slightly) archaic accent.

- Display mediocre intelligence with the ability to mindspeak in images and simple sentences, though always in third person.

- They have an unspoken language with each other that cannot be discerned without some study - most assume it has to do with facial expressions and relayed emotions. They can communicate to non-Beorfin species with strong surges of emotion and sometimes small sounds to amplify the meanings of their various messages.

Blazemounts - Blazemounts do not mindspeak. They do not share feelings or pictures -- they are only smart enough to stay attached to their humans, although their mischievous nature will have any Blazemount owner telling you that they're smarter than they look!

Brightlings - Brightlings issue gender specific sounds, which is the only noise they will make besides the gurlging-bubbling noise they use as speech to each other.

Females: Squeak, Shmark, Meep (short for Meepmeepmeepmeepmeep)

Males: Zerp, Blop, Whoot, Zeek.

Celeste Cats - Grammar is occasionally an issue for CCs. They mindspeak very simply- in two or three word sentences. Rubies are smarter than the lower ranks, but still keep a limited vocabulary compared to Iridescents, who are the only ones capable of full sentences.

Cracklings - These shinies do not mindspeak, but they do  use sound and body expressions to communicate!

High-pitched keen: Mating cry or a parent crackling's signal of disapproval of a potential Bonded.
Deep, low buzz: Sign of bonding
One large explosion/boom: Anger or hate (tinted red)
Large/small alternating booms: Anxiety, anxiousness
Multiple tiny explosions in rapid succession: Sorrow or crying (tinted blue), happiness or laughter (tinted yellow)
Tiny explosions, spaced out: Hunger, exhaustion, indication of want
Multiple midsized explosions, accompanied by fast zooming around their Bonded- protectiveness or jealousy (tinted green)
Spreading out: Calm emotions (happiness, contentment, sleepiness)
Clustering: Excited emotions (anger, rage, anxiety, fear, sometimes hyperactivity)

Demonhounds - They can relay images through mindbonds, and a few words, but sentences and good grammar are beyond all but the most intelligent of them.

Dragons - Dragons are about as intelligent as any human and speak telepathically. There appears to be some connection between Dragons and Watch-Whers, as Dragons are always able to translate a Wher’s clicks and growls into intelligent speech. Dragons are also capable of revealing emotions through their eyes, which change colors according to their mood.

Red: Anger, Hunger(Active Appetite), Fear, Mating (and it's excitement), Pain
Red/Orange:  Eagerness, Arousal
Orange: Uncertainty, Suspicion, Anger, Alarm, Hunger, Agitation, Panic.
Yellow: Anxiety, Fear, Reproachfulness
Pale Yellow: Concern
Green: Delight, Tranquility, Placidity.
Blue: Longing, Interest, Mischief, Excitement
Purple: Worry
Lavender: Stress
Grey: Tremendous Worry/Stress/Sadness/Pain (Grey tones come to a dragon's hide too)

((All credit goes to the Pern series. This is roughly a list of all the colors and associated emotions they showed in the books.))

Ebbiks - Being incredibly intelligent, Ebbiks can mindspeak in full sentences with only a few grammar issues. Despite this they are nearly impossible to understand as they speak so quickly that their words become stung together into one long string of words.

Familiars - As or more intelligent than humans; they know more than they let on. Mindspeak as well or better than most shinies.

Firelizards - They cannot mindspeak in words, instead relying on emotions and mind-sent images to convey their meaning. Their eyes change color according to mood (see Dragons).

Fisi - Fisi make only animalistic sounds, typically an eerie, barking laugh or a series of guttural snarls and growls.

Flamma - Flamma mindspeak quite well. They're very intelligent. A little crazy, but aren't we all?

Foofi - They’re pretty intelligent, capable of forming plans and using complex logic, but mindspeak only in images and communicate verbally only in high pitched squeaks.

Gryphettes - They convey meaning to their owners by telepathically-sent images and can parrot a few spoken words, but they usually don't learn many and never use sentences.

- Gryphons are just as intelligent as Dragons and can mind speak beautifully, however they seem to rely more on imagery.

Hippogryphs - As intelligent as any Pegasus, Hippogryphs do not mindspeak. They do make a variety of bird noises and posturing to convey their thoughts and feelings.

Hyards -Though intelligent enough to manage short sentences in thought-speech, they tend to have numerous problems with grammar. The short sentences they can manage are supplemented with expressive body language and numerous melodic rumblings and chirps.

Ialroaine - Ialroaine do not mindspeak or send images. All Ialroaine communicate through emotions though they can still make sound. Above water these noises sound like strange barks, but beneath the surf they make beautiful music. The tone of their voices can either go very high or very low, varying on their rank.

Ikal'daka -  Ikal'daka sometimes learn Common, sometimes don't- but only the Valsharess and Zanjur are born knowing it. They mindspeak fluently in Drow and other languages if they learn them, and can snarl aloud in Drow.

Kachir - Kachir are highly intelligent and may mindspeak in complete sentences -- they are geniuses, by all meanings of the word. However, they are frequently obsessive, and occasionally just as insane as Flamma.

Kanbi - Kanbi are relatively quiet, except for the occasional high-pitched squeak here and there, and the constant fluttering of wings.

Kosaire - All Kosaire may use grammar and sentences quite successfully through mindspeech, although there is natural variance in the species between those who prefer not to speak to those who don't shut up.

Kyae - Kyae are highly intelligent, and are able to speak in full sentences, send images, and share emotions. They do tend to ramble a bit; there's so much you CAN put in your language...why would one ever leave it out? .

Llanorte - Llanorte do not mindspeak, but with much patience and lots of teaching can learn to speak aloud in just about any language -- they speak Llassta from birth.

Nogards - Like Gryphettes, they convey meaning to their owners by telepathically-sent images and can parrot a few spoken words, but they usually don't learn many and never use sentences.

Pegasi - Pegasi do not mindspeak, and do not have the ability to transmit any image. Like Hippogryphs, they can communicate through posturing and your typical horse sounds.

Phoenixes - Phoenixes do not mindspeak, but they are highly intelligent and sometimes humans can come to understand their songs. They do send images.

Pongbats - They aren't very intelligent. They can't speak, and only the most intelligent of their species can even mimic sounds.

Powlets - Powlets aren't much smarter than the chickens they resemble. Shinier, though.

Prezzies - Prezzies emit a joyful ringing, jingling sound from within, like a small chorus of holiday bells as they hover around a few feet off the ground. The ends of these ribbons are fairly strong and very flexible, able to grasp objects like little hands. Mostly, though, Prezzies just curl their ribbons into various shapes to express their emotions, since they have no voice other than their merry jingles.

Psyders - Psyders communicate with one another by rapidly clicking together their mandibles. They sometimes pick up a word or two and maybe even write those words using their webbing, but it is doubtful that they can learn what these words mean.

Pyokith - Pyokith do mindspeak, but they aren't incredibly good at it. They’re prone to numerous grammar mistakes and short, incomplete sentences.

Reijen - Reijen are...well, brawn over brains. They aren’t really all that smart, but they do mindspeak with relatively poor grammar and sentence structure.

Requiae - Requiae don't speak. They do, however, send images in black and white, which tend to be rather grainy and unclear.

Rsphinxes - Rsphinxes are fairly bright for human standards, comparable to most Whazzitians, and are capable of both speech and mindspeak, although never attempting at pictures. Both a curious trait and a drawback, however, is the fact that they can only speak in riddles. The difficulty of the riddle varies widely, some are quickly guessable, while others can take long spans of times to figure out.

Sceltyr - Sceltyr do mindspeak. They have good grammar, but tend to think of things in a natural sense, and are a bit uncertain of many man-made inventions. Dance is one of their key forms of expression.

Seedmorphs - Seedmorphs are very intelligent. When they deign to mindspeak, they are roughly the same as Tokus, in that they enjoy speaking of nature, and are usually kind of quiet.

Seraphelines - They can mindspeak clearly and with ease, but they are notably quiet most of the time, even to their bonded humans. They prefer to watch than to speak.

Serpens - Serpens mindspeak and mindspeak well, but they are...possibly the most pessimistic creatures out there. They're very vocal about such things as the end of the world, mass deaths, etc.

Shadowguards - Shadowguards can mindspeak, but they aren't very good at it at all. Their vocabulary is stunted, and their grammar is poor. The eyes of the Mist and form of the Shifter do change colors according to their mood (see Dragons).

Shamries - Shamries speak aloud. Their vocabulary generally consists of very naughty words and has only a few complicated words in it. They enjoy hurling insults.

Sirens - Like Shadowguards, Sirens can mindspeak, but they aren't very good at it at all. Their vocabulary is stunted, and their grammar is poor. Their most unique feature is their pure, expressive voice, ranging up and down octaves depending on their gender and fur color.

Sukeys - They can be trained to do tricks and the smarter of them will even be able to imitate and recognize a few words (typically only Sugems and Sutops), but they will never be able to truly understand their meaning. They rely more on chirps and body language to get a point across than the sparse vocabulary some have picked up.

Tokus - Tokus mindspeak very well, but once mature they tend to favor silence over speaking, and speak much of nature. Tokus also have the ability to hear and speak to all things in nature, from rocks to living creatures.

Unicorns - Unicorns are very intelligent, probably more intelligent than any creature on Planet, and are capable of not only full sentences of telepathic communication with their owners but poetry, music, and some subtle forms of magic only unicorns are capable of.

Watch-whers - Watch-whers are intelligent but not clever, able to learn commands and even how to ‘speak’ to some extent. This ‘speech’ is made of sounds in attempt to mimic spoken words, but they can only remember a few at a time – and the end results are unique to each Wher (one may say “errrrwl” and another may say “brrrrd” to signify the same word) and sound nothing like true speech. They are capable of using mindspeech only with Dragons, who will typically act as translators. Their eyes change color according to mood (see Dragons).


Wyverns. They frequently use mindspeech over vocalizations as staying quiet has often kept them alive. Because of the varied nature of this creature, there is no true speech pattern. You may find some more intelligent than any creature alive, others which speak on par with a Gryphette, or not at all!

Xys - Xys mindspeak, but in short bursts with bad grammar. They are very intelligent, however, and can send images just as well as any Gryphon. Typically they’ll just make strange chittering sounds.