Whazzit Weyrd Information

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Active Shinies
- Small, fluffy, and winged. These guys are so cute your heart is already surrendered.
- One Eagle to rule them ALL!
Beorfin - And they say only pirates can be sea dogs!
Dragons - Those big, winged Perny things.
Ebbiks - Heeere, kitty kitty...kitty. No kitty! BAD kitty! STAY!
Familiars - Who says you can't have it all, and bond it too? (No eating, though)
Firelizards - Those little, winged Perny things. That bite.
Fisi - Run, run as fast as you can...I can catch you, I'm double-jointed!
Flamma - People can never be perfect, and gold can never be pure. Try telling them that.
Gryphettes - See below. Minimize.
Gryphons - Feathered, furry, ferocious! Frowwlll!
Hippogryphs - How do you get a half-bird and half-horse? ...We'll tell you when you're older.
Hyards - When the lizard and the panther love each other very much...special things happen.
Ialroaine - Whale + Giraffe = Girale? Whalfe? Waffle? WAFFLE!
Ikal'daka - What's black, white, and Drow-y all over?
Kachir - My little pony, Apocalypse pony...
Kosaire - Cub Scouts, whut?
Nogards - Little dragony waterbabies. They claim they aren't Firelizards with gills, but we know better.
Pegasi - More airborne than ever before! Buckle up for safety.
Phoenixes - For the love of fluff, it burns! AAAH! ...Well, not really.
Pongbats - The Ultimate Pocket-Protectors.
Powlets - Sorry, they don't come in rotisserie.
Reijen - Can be yours for only two payments of an arm and a leg to the parents!
Requiae - Pet and Weapon: A special two-for-one shiny exclusive.
Sceltyr - I knew those steel-toed boots weren't a bad idea...
Seedmorphs - Chia pets ain't got nothin' on these foxes...
Seraphelines - Fluffy and cherubic. Ignore the teeth and claws.
Serpens - They’re slithery, nasty, vicious, and love to see you cry. Let’s all have one!
- You can't race your own shadow, but you can bond to one!
Sirens - Ever wanted a signing partner? These otter-esque beauties know their fortes. (waka waka)
Sukeys - My mother always said I looked kind of like a monkey...
Unicorns - The epitome of Shiny-ness.
Watch-Whers - Big, bulky, winged – ready-made bodyguards!
- No, they DON'T light up if you squeeze their tummies.


Extinct Shinies
Ailoa - Too smexy for your party. ^_~
Asids - Anorexic Snake Demons. It doesn't get any better than this!
Blazemounts - The horse, the horse, the horse is on FIAH!
Brightlings - Ever wanted your own animate eyepatch?
Celeste Cats - Three-tailed kleptomaniacs with really big eyes. Irresistible.
Demonhounds - Just because they LOOK like they want to eat you...
Foofi - They're small, limbless, fluffy, and have pig noses. Pray they don’t eat meat.
Kyae - Fuzz + Spikes = Be careful where you sit!
Llanorte - Hand wash, cold only, line dry. No bleach!
- The itsy bitsy spider ran up the dragon's snout. Down came the...the...nevermind.
Pyokith - What happened to your great-grandmother's diamond necklace? Don't ask them...
Rsphinxes - A riddle wrapped in an enigma trapped in a lion wrapped in a headdress. Oh, and you're a slave now kthxbai.
- Smell the flowers! Commune with the trees! Mellow out, man.


Event Shinies
Cracklings - The crackling sez: Snap! Crackle! POP! ...or was that my stomach talking?
Kanbi - Should you eat it, or back away in horror? One can never be too sure.
Prezzies - CAUTION: Do not remove wrapping paper!
Shamries - Tiny, drunkard shamrocks with a face only a mother could love.


Endangered Shinies
These shinies are incredibly rare and can usually only be obtained in special ways. 

Constellations - Exactly what it says on the tin