Whazzit Weyrd Information

Bonding Application

Want to hold a bonding? You've come to the right place! Just send this handy form to Geoffrey via site messaging. Feel free to list two or three species, and note any that you do not want to hold. If there are no PC parents for the creatures, simply put 'wild.' Only those of the Apprentice rank or higher can hold bondings.

Species needing bondings (must be taken before others are handed out):

Alunas, *Brightlings, Familiars, *Rsphinxes, Sukeys

Parents: PC parents of the young, if any.
Queen: Would you be willing to have a queen in your stats? This does not mean you will necessarily get one!
: Do you want the ranks of shinies in your bonding to be unknown to your attendees? You must tell us how your bonding will be colorless. Only one or two colorless bondings are allowed at a time.
Will any shinies in your bonding be mutant: If so, please explain how. You must have a reason, and there is a good chance it will not be approved. Mutants are uncommon at most, usually rare. You are more likely to have one shiny accepted than all, and more likely to get passed on smaller mutations (marking) over larger ones (ability to breathe fire).
Date of last bonding held: If you've held a bonding previously, please tell us when it was.If you are currently holding a bonding,also mention when it will be ending -- this should be no more than two weeks from the day you apply, otherwise you should wait until you finish what you've started to apply for something else! If you have not held a bonding previously, please list two regular bondings you have completed being in instead.

* This species is extinct but has at least some females can give birth including the queen, so anyone with a mothering female can apply, again only if you have the appropriate female bond!

*** If a shiny is an event shiny, it will appear with this next to its name. You must already have bonded an event shiny to be able to hold a bonding for that species. These bondings should finish within the month, ideally! At most you will get six weeks to do so.

You may hold event shinies if you have another bonding going! If you’ve already got a bonding (either waiting to be posted or already running) and you apply and are accepted, you still get to run the regular bonding.

Geoffrey will be in touch within a week if you have been accepted. Please remember that we are not always looking for all species to have bondings, so if you apply for something not listed you are highly unlikely to get it. Bondings of Dragons, Unicorns, and Gryphons are not open via bonding application. Please apply and have fun!

21 March 2014 -- This is a public note from Geoffrey on a policy I have about answering questions! If you would like to know when approximately a species will next be available, or if you want to know what are coming up after the current set of applications, I am always happy to answer any questions in my inbox. This does NOT change the fact you are not allowed to "reserve" a bonding so you can hold it in the future, however. Information only is all! 

Rules for Holding Bondings

  • **New 07/18** All bondholders must post more than an introduction post and a final bonding post unless they request and receive permission beforehand (ie, including those, you must post at least one more time).

  • There is a two week limit for you to post in your bonding, and each bonding should last no longer than two and a half months (ten weeks) in total. If you do not post by your deadline we will find someone else to run the bonding.

  • You may have one extension of one week for your posting deadline, but the final ten week deadline will not be extended. If you wish to use your extension, you must post in the Deadlines thread before the end of the current deadline, or if this isn't possible for some reason ask someone to post in the thread for you.

  • Although you can wait two weeks to make each of your posts, it's not suggested that you do so every time. You may not be very well-liked for it, and you increase the risk of something going wrong and missing your deadline altogether!

  • Unless the person holding a bonding says otherwise, the deadline for naming shinies is two weeks after the shiny bonds to you, the same as any other post. This is one week for speedbondings.

  • When listing the bonds made in your bonding, please format it the same as any other shiny, with (Gender, if it applies) Shinyname -- Charactername. You can always look at past bondings if you're unclear what we want.

  • You are always required to write the descriptions of the shinies in your bonding, unless you are holding Unicorns which have optional descs. You will not be allowed to put another bonding up until all of them are complete.

  • Any regular bonding must stay open to people joining for at least 3 days from the time the thread is created. For example, a bonding created at 5:17PM on the 25th can not close until 5:18PM on the 28th (no bonding is required to close, of course, but that is the minimum timeframe if you wish to do so).

  • How you do on your bondings does count towards whether or not you are allowed another one, remember! Be fair, be respectful, be on time with your posts, and be responsible with it.